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Citizen Aid Charity Event at Gallery Bar

Thursday, December 11th, 2008


Citizen Aid event at Gallery Bar for Building With Books

Citizen Aid event at Gallery Bar for Building With Books

My girlfriend Jen cofounded a charity named Citizen Aid.  They are throwing an event tonight at Gallery Bar supporting Building With Books.  I will be there and I hope you can come to.  Here is the email announcement for it.


Thursday, December 11th at Gallery Bar, 6:30pm – 10pm.

120 Orchard St. $20 cover. All proceeds go to benefit Building With Books.

There will be an Absinthe Open Bar, from 7-8p, courtesy of our sponsor, Versinthe.

Please join us, and forward this invite to co-workers & friends!

Benefit yourself and others this holiday season and join us for a night of =
live music, cocktails, and a silent auction to raise money for an amazing charity that’s dedicated to increasing education and literacy around the globe.

All proceeds will go to benefit Building With Books, an organization that runs 130 after-school programs for inner-city youth in the US and has built 287 schools in developing countries. 100% of the funds we raise from this event will go directly to building a new school in Nicaragua, which will be the 34th school that Building With Books has built in that country. In addition
to the silent art auction, there will be entertainment by DJ Aleks and sing
er Matt Lenny, plus specials on beer and well drinks. The $20 admission and
$25 minimum bids are tax deductible.

This event is being hosted by Citizen Aid. Citizen Aid is a volunteer event-planning organization that plans events/fundraisers, from conception to execution, for registered non-profits & NGOs. Founded in 2006 by college friends Jen Charlton, Nicole Keating and Abbie Somma, Citizen Aid has organize
d events that have helped to raise money and awareness to increase literacy
in Haiti, support humanitarian aid in Sudan and to stop the practice of human trafficking.



>More information can be found at:

Election for the next New York Tech Meetup Organizer

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

The New York Tech Meetup is electing a new organizer, given that Scott Heiferman is stepping down.  I have a soft spot for the NYTM, it was about 2 years ago when I went to my first one and met Sanford.  For me it has been the focal point of the New York Tech community.  After the meeting moved to IAC I pretty much stopped going, you had to reserve ahead of time, the event often sold out, and once you got to IAC there was very little time to mingle in the new venue.


Rich Hecker dropped out tonight.  That’s too bad, he would have done a good job.  I could see him leading the event very much in the mold of Scott, short tempered, funny, although much more transparent.  He does a great job with his bootstrapper events, through which I met Scott Kaylie.

Sanford is running to be the next organizer, and I hope he wins.  I sent emails to a bunch of my friends in the tech community up here tonight about Sanford running, and I realized that Sanford had introduced me to most of those people.  Thats what he does, make connections.   He understands and is excited by tech, even tech that won’t necesarrily have an exit strategy but is just cool.

You can vote for the next organizer here.

Hopefully this post was coherent, I’m about ready for bed.

Macbook external monitor woes

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

I turned in my MacBookPro yesterday to have its internal screen worked on (dead pixels and bruises).  Earlier I bought a MacBook so that I wouldn’t be without a computer while my pro was being worked on (it will be a gift for my parents when I get the pro back).

I knew the MacBook couldn’t drive my 30 inch Samsung at full 2560×1600 resolution, but figured it would be tolerable at 1920×1200.  When I plugged in the MB, no such luck, try as I might I could only get it to drive the 30 inch at 1200×800, I tried putting the MB to sleep and waking it, while it was close, I couldn’t get it to wake.  Nothing I could do would give me a higher resolution on the 30 inch.

After some searching I found this,  305 T plus manual , after reading it I figured out that the monitor has two and only two resolutions 2560×1600 and 1280×800.  So I will have to suffer until my MBP comes back.  Interestingly enough the Apple Cinema HD 30″ has no such restriction, it can drive 2560×1600, 2048×1280, 1920×1280, 1280×800 and 1024×640.

What an annoyance.

My server was hacked

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

Last wednesday, I checked my blog and it had been hacked.  wp-header had been edited and borked.   Nothing in the database had been touched.  It was a scary experience, but I got the server back up quickly.  I backed up the database and restored it.  Apparently there were some encoding issues, thus the weird characters everywhere.  I updated to the latest version of wordpress and everything seems to be fine.

I think it was just a driveby attack, nothing aimed at me personally.  I have been working on blogging more and getting links to my blog from other sites.  Oh well.  Time to restore the db properly I guess.