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New laptop — the hardware

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

On Friday my new laptop came in.  I got a Lenovo Thinkpad T500, with 8gb of ram, 3Ghz processor, and 120gb ssd drive — for $1612.  There are great deals at the Lenovo outlet store.


1. Wow is this fast.

  • I can boot, login, and have firefox reload 20 tabs in about 25 seconds.
  • I can run “find / | wc -l” in .5 seconds
  • Netbeans and eclipse start in 2 seconds

I attribute the speed to the ssd.  Linux helps some, but the ssd makes all the difference.  If you use a computer more than an hour a day, go out and buy an SSD now.  The speed is absolutely incredible

2. I like the build quality.   The screen doesn’t flex at all like my 2nd gen MBP pro did (first gen case).   I’ll see how it holds up.

3. The keyboard is awesome, except for the flex under the s,d,f,w,e,r,x,c keys.  When I press those keys, I can feel the key activation, than I hear a thump as the keyboard back hits another part of the case.  I will talk to Lenovo about this, I might be able to fix it with shims.  This has been discussed extensively .

4. I don’t like the trackpad nearly as much as I did on the MBP.   Two finger scrolling on the MBP was awesome.   On this machine I have to use the right side of the trackpad for vertical scrolling.  This isn’t a huge deal, I am working very hard to set up my environment so that I don’t have to manipulate the pointer at all.  On the plus side, the trackpad buttons feel much better than the button on the MBP, that button was so wide that when I would slap one side of it with my thumb, sometimes it wouldn’t register, others it would twist down on that side instead of moving down in a straight path.

For the most part hardware is hardware.   Running linux on this machine is much more interesting, I’ll talk about that next